Estimation Poker

An instant planning poker integration for your Jira tickets.

Speed up your planning

Alright Agile's Estimation Poker is a fast and convenient integration for Jira and supports your team at the software development process.

Do you always have to set up and configure a poker round every time you are estimating? Skip this!
Alright Agile's Estimation Poker is already set up for you and waiting on every user story or ticket.

Working Remote, you don't have to share or find a link and to another poker room solution and wait every time until your team finally synchronized themselves.

Remembers your estimation

Each ticket has it's own poker room and the results stay remaining. Hence it is possible for each member of the team, to estimate tickets on their own schedule.
Anyhow we recommend to estimate and discuss user stories as a team, to get a common understanding.

Supporting you on disagreement

You struggle to agree on a ticket's story points? Alright Agile's Estimation Poker gives you tips and hints to guide you when you are stucked on finding a estimation. Try it, it brings you a certain routine in your process.

Stop wasting time

Stop wasting time on every estimation, even if its just 5 minutes:
  • 5 minutes are 30 minutes for 6 people.
  • 1 hour for each team, if you estimate twice a week.
  • 4 hours a month
  • and 2 days a year.
  • Oh you have more than 1 team?!

Get it now on Jira's Marketplace

Alright Agile's Estimation Poker is available for you on Jira's Marketplace. Try it for free!

Our Deck

These are all cards you need, but you should never go higher than 13! Ask us: why?