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Estimation Poker

Alright Agile's Estimation Poker is a fast and convenient integration for Jira and supports your team at the software development process. It helps you estimating user stories in 2 easy steps and guides you finding an agreement, if there isn't.

Why Estimate?

Estimating stories in points rather than time, creates a certain stability when creating new products & features. It evens out errors and let your release plan be more accurate over time. Jira's integrated burndown chart gives you most informations needed to manage your features on time.

Who should use it?

It doesn't matter if you are a small team or a big company. If you are already using Jira and especially when your team is working remote, our estimation planning poker comforts you in your software development process:
  • It is always available at your Jira tickets.
  • Its the ideal estimation poker for remote collaboration.
  • It safes time, while finding and setting up an extra poker room.
  • It guides your team with decision making.